Manager Select: Search. Compare. Decide.

A New, Comprehensive Approach to Reviewing and Comparing Investment Managers

Manager Select is an extensive database for insurers providing in-depth detail on the investment process and performance of investment managers with insurance specialization.

We'd like to provide you with a Demo View of Manager Select. Shortly after you have submitted your request form, we will send you login credentials and/or access links. The Demo View will allow you to test the full functionality of Manager Select with sample investment manager data. If you have any questions please contact Eriver Eugenio at or 360-255-2500 ext. 102.


Filter by Select Criteria and Portfolio Size
Search Results Provide a Brief Summary of Applicable Managers
Find a Detailed Overview of Each Manager and Their Investment Process
Review Each Manager's Performance
Directly Compare Managers
Compare Core & Intermediate Performance



The Manager Select database offers a comprehensive overview for each manager's:

  • Background Information
    Ranging from general information (i.e. Contact Info, Key Professionals, Fixed Income Strategies) to in-depth corporate structure (i.e. Code of Ethics, Personnel Changes, Past Litigation, etc.)
  • Assets Under Management
    By Client Category & Strategy
  • Historical Development of Insurance Asset Business
    The firm's historical record, largest accounts by industry and clients gained/lost
  • General Administrative Information
    Detailing standard fee terms and schedules, provided services, accounting personnel and system, reporting capabilities, etc.
  • Performance Interrogatories
    Composite returns for fixed income mandates and performance attribution
  • Investment Process, Risk Management & Client Services
    Decision Making Process, Model Fixed-Income Portfolio, Portfolio Turnover, Recent Challenges, Competitive Advantages and other aspects of your firm's insurance specialization

Insurance companies are not only afforded the opportunity to review each manager, but Manager Select allows insurers to search for managers based on select criteria and independently compare managers among one another.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.