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            Welcome to InsurerCIO's Education Library

            InsurerCIO's Education Library, provided by Strategic Asset Alliance, is an investment resource center for insurance companies and risk pools to learn the essential elements of investing.

            The library guides all staff, board members, trustees and executive management through various foundational concepts to better understand the importance and process of an insurer or risk pool's overall investment program.

            Investments can be complicated. InsurerCIO's Education Library provides an easy-to-understand review of key investment terms & concepts and explains why these concepts are specifically important to insurance companies and risk pools, including:

            • Asset Allocation: What Assets Do Insurers/Risk Pools Use? How Do They Choose Them?
            • Investment Policy: What Are The Key Elements?
            • Peer Group Analysis: What Do They Show? How Are They Constructed?
            • Investment Management: How Is A Portfolio Managed? Why?
            • Performance Reporting: What Do These Terms Mean? What Do They Tell Us?

            All resources within InsurerCIO's Education Library are entirely complimentary.

            You can filter for content specific for insurers or risk pools with the drop-down menu titled, “Content Filter” in the upper-left hand corner. You can also search for content on specific topics with the drop-down menu in the upper-right hand corner titled, “Search by Subject.

            If you have any questions or require assistance with the library and its resources, please contact Eriver Eugenio at

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