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Beginning / Customizing Your Search

- Generate an Initial List of Managers

- View All Managers

- Filter List / Adding Search Criteria

- Include Specific Firms

- Reset Search

Filter List / Adding Search Criteria

1. After starting an initial search, you can immediately generate your own list of managers based on selected search criteria found on the left-hand side.

Please Note: selecting a "Search Criteria," after generating the initial list of managers by average client size, will begin a new search.

2. When Selecting "Performance," only one performance criteria (core or intermediate) can be selected at a time. If a second performance criteria is chosen, when another is already selected, the previously selected criteria will be removed.

When a "Performance" criteria is selected, the generated list will be sorted by the corresponding performance criteria (from highest to lowest). If no performance criteria is selected, the list will be sorted in alphabetical order.

3. If you would like to include certain firms in your search, ensure you select the desired firms from the drop-down titled, "Managers," before selecting any other search criteria. These firms will be included in the generated list, regardless of other selected search criteria.

Please Note: If a manager is selected after you've already selected your desired search criteria, the search will reset and all other search criteria will be removed.

4. When Selecting Any Other Search Criteria, firms that do not meet the selected criteria will be removed from the list. As many search criteria as desired can be applied to the customized search.

To start your search over or view the full list of managers, click "Clear All" under the "Applied Criteria" section.

5. To Reset Your Search, or view the full list of managers, click "Clear All" under the "Applied Criteria" section.

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